San Saba has been keeping a deliciously juicy secret. We will soon be home to a trifecta of culinary delight. After months of patient waiting, we’re gearing up to welcome our newest dining destination – and first bar – to downtown! 

Clay Nettleship, owner of our beautiful boutique hotel – The Dofflemyer, is in the final weeks of construction on Pecan House Grill. The three-in-one-project brings San Saba our first upscale destination restaurant, as well as The Papershell Bar and The Pantry, a grocery meets gift store. Nettleship’s rugged-chic Texas bistro and bar concept will be opening this fall in its historic home at 408 and 410 E. Wallace Street. The prime downtown location is ideal for residents and travelers along the HWY 16 corridor. 

Dinner with a side of warmth and beauty

After Nettleship’s exquisite work with designing a rustically luxurious lodging experience, we are excited to see his contributions to our hospitality offerings. True to form, Nettleship has brought his commitment and passion for bringing San Saba’s history forward in stunning fashion. 

Pictured are forthcoming, but we’ve been dazzled by the progress thus far. The space – designed by Nettleship himself – is a feast for the eyes and shows off San Saba’s rich history. Both architectural and interior design meld “industrial and rustic elements.” We’ve been stunned by the exquisite floorboards, which were freshly planed and restored. Nettleship also makes use of original stone, wood and tin complemented by high-end, custom (and comfortable) furnishing. We pride ourselves on offering visitors a warm, welcoming community full of unexpected treasures. We dare say that our formidable small-town charm just got a lot more delicious. Here’s what you can expect. 

Pecan House Grill 

Born of a desire for warmth, hospitality and community, Pecan House Grill is San Saba’s first upscale steakhouse. Despite the beauty and quality of dining, it’s still a place where families will enjoy visiting. The menu and kitchen are run by the expert skill of Chef Mike Felts. (And, we’re told that the state-of-the-art kitchen – which occupies an entire downtown building – is truly a site to behold.) Expect elevated ranch classics and exceptional Texas beef, wild game, and seafood selections complemented by fresh salads and veggie-forward sides. 

“San Saba is really an undiscovered gem,” says Nettleship. “Our people are friendly and welcoming. This bistro-style grill is a perfect gathering place for our small-town community. But it can handle the higher volume times – like hunting season and holidays – where visitors can enjoy our San Saba style. It’s built with our spirit – an extension of our deep community and hospitality roots to the travelers we love to welcome.” 

We have been dreaming of the offerings since we peeked at the menu. It includes steakhouse classics like potatoes Romanoff, fire-roasted vegetables and jumbo asparagus, and mac and cheese. Also exciting is the 32-oz bone-in tomahawk ribeyes and Texas antelope medallions. Of course, you’ll also find San Sab’s collective favorite dish – chicken fried steak – on the menu in venison and beef options. And for starters, we are looking forward to pork belly burnt ends with maple butter pecan barbeque sauce and brisket fondue.

The Papershell Bar

For a town that really values a great beer or glass of wine, it’s odd that we don’t have a bar. The Papershell Bar changes that. It is also the first – and only – eatery that will be open for lunch and dinner daily. Not only will the bar offer an evening hang out, it also offers a casual grill with bar food service from 11 am to 9 pm daily. 

“Located on the mezzanine level of 408 E. Wallace, it provides a beautiful nook with a relaxed vibe that invites people to stay. It’s as warm as our famous San Saba hospitality on every level!” 
– Clay Nettleship, owner  – Pecan House Grill 

Named for the pecan that was first developed in San Saba, The Papershell will feature live music and events, a full bar and a bar menu. The welcoming space will be complete with televisions to watch sports. The bar is set to be the first of the three projects to open in late October.

The Pantry 

The Pantry will it be a one-stop-shop for San Saba’s incredible culinary and artisan offerings, but it will also offer visitors a chance to pick up gifts. The store will continue to offer a bridal gift registry, offered by its predecessor, Madeleine & Me. 



Ready to dig in? Book a room just across the street at the Dofflemyer and treat yourself to an evening of great company, warm ambiance and great food before the holiday craze sets in.